Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kiln Work

Outside of Portland Pottery, at 118 Washington Avenue, this very colorful collage, even on this drab morning, salutes the city. Sculpture has always been something I've struggled to understand. Pottery, I like but have no real desire in taking on. Now painting, on the other hand, is something I have a great interest in pursuing some day soon. I see objects to photograph; I see objects to paint... everywhere I seem to look these days. In conversation once, an artist friend (no, not her) once told me that as long as you don't lose the 'eye' to be able 'to see' images to photograph, it's ok to pass them up. Lately, I've been 'seeing' objects I'd like to tackle with a brush. Over these last 13 weeks (sometimes in solitary), I've had time to myself to do a lot of soul searching, wondering and 'seeing'. This creative piece of me too will surface someday soon!


  1. What a wonderful collage!

    You have done a great shot...to see us how colorful it is!


  2. Love to 'see' some of your brushwork.

  3. A lot of beautiful colors in this picture!

  4. Stop by--- I'm painting my garage this summer! Ha!

  5. Yeah, I'd like to see that garage painting you'll be working on, come July??? Kinda like a huge mural, right?? Save me a front row seat, bud.

    Florida Checks In

  6. Well, don't just stand there; do something and share your work with us!!