Friday, March 12, 2010

Public Works

Captured in a quiet moment, these plows wait to be awoken from their drowsiness. Me? I'm perfectly happy seeing them 'at ease' here in the Public Services parking lot at 55 Portland Street. If the weather doesn't veer off into any real drastic tangents the remainder of the month, I think we're going to have one of the mildest winters on record around here in awhile. As my recovery progresses, I've had the extreme pleasure of watching, daily, the winter fade into early spring. Staring out my back windows, affords me a detailed look into the seasonal movements, but this year I really have enjoyed this a case study at my fingertips. Spring? Bring it on!


  1. Glad to hear that you're recovery is progressing well...and that the snow is gone...and the spring is on its way...

    We had a great day on Tuesday - 80 degrees, bright sun. The it stormed and rained yesterday and today! Temps were in the high 60s but still...

  2. It is nicer to see these machines "at rest". :)

  3. These really are like soldiers "at the ready," aren't they?