Saturday, November 16, 2013


This greenhouse is located at one of the city's alternative high schools on Allen Avenue. The programs offered run the gamut from automotive technology to woodworking with just about everything in between. Horticulture is one of those in-betweens. They offer a wide array of classes for students wanting to spend some quality time with plants. Now, the only time you find me hanging around a greenhouse will be in the spring, while we're picking up seedlings for the garden and hanging plants and such for the yard.
I enjoy the smells in these buildings, but not the creeping up of pricing.
Greenhouses: I've learned my lesson about glass houses! 


  1. That greenhouse looks like a fine place to learn and to be, especially in winter.

    Till today I can recall the special smells in the big greenhouse near Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo. I was little, but my mother or grandmother always had me walk through it alone because the steamy atmosphere would have wrecked their hairdo.

  2. Greenhouses are special places to visit all year long. Sadly several of our family-owned greenhouses have close this past month after generations of ownership due to rising costs for them also. Will miss them and the whole concept of family ownership that I respect.

  3. i think programs like these in high schools are AWESOME! i couldn't even enjoy home ec... :)

  4. Now that I'm getting older, I think that spending time with plants might be more interesting than spending time with a great many humans.

  5. Well a good place to visit in the 3 seasons but mighty cold this time of year. Yet this glass green house makes for a nice photo during any season. -- barbara