Monday, November 18, 2013

Littered Steps

Here's a hint for those of you who have never shoveled snow. You really want to make sure that you've raked all your leaves off the walkways you plan to remove snow from next month. Leaves that are not removed make for a very messy cleanup of fallen snow. Fall's yellow beauties like these, left behind when winter's wonderland comes dropping in, become nothing more than the beast, when frozen and mixed with whiteness. Can these steps still be cleared? Sure. Is it possible to shovel snow and leaves together? Sure. 
Does tidiness haunt me daily? 
I guess you haven't seen my desk at work.
As Elenks might mutter, "I guess you haven't ventured to his many junk drawers scattered about the house".
Let me 'leaf' you with this thought this morning.
I rather hate leaves come November.
They makes for messy work.
And I never have cared for the leaf- snow dichotomy.
My theory here: outta sight, outta mind.
Let it snow!


  1. Amazing isn't it, how something so lovely can become so messy? Good lesson; beauty is often transitory.

  2. i didn't know that...i better get the kids busy and getting the leaves out of the driveway! they'll thank me for it when it snows right?!

  3. Junk?
    Ask him about how the dental hygienist gives him a small plastic toy after every dental procedure.

  4. Shovel snow? My snowblower has no problem with leaves or even small twigs. After the first pass over the drive and sidewalks the leaves are gone. At least they must wait under the snow for the warmth of spring when the mulching mower will do its job.

  5. This is something I'll never have to think about Birdman...snow in Perth pfffft! i don't think so :)

  6. Never shoveled snow , so have no theory about it !

  7. I wouldn't know we never get enough snow to learn those lessons, sometimes I'm glad I don't have to!

  8. I hate the snow/leaf mixture too!

  9. I vote for leaving the leaves where they fall -- the wind and soil will eventually take care of them. Why do Americans have such a fetish about cleaning up their yard of all things natural????? The outdoors is not like caring for a kitchen floor. -- barbara

  10. Removing snow? Not down here in Naples, buddy.