Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pumpkin Going

 Hey you!
Ya you! 
Come over here. 
Listen, I survived Halloween, because this nerdy kid's parents took me inside to look out the window on the 31st. I guess they had a fear that I might end up splattered across the street out front. It would probably have brought the kid to tears. Now that the festivities are over, they leave me out every, freezing night and all day for that matter. And I do feel that I'm starting to sag from the inside out. This morning, I thought I saw and smelled a bit of stomach rot. It was black, and to tell you the truth, it wasn't pretty! It's been two weeks, and it really doesn't look like I'm heading for any pumpkin pie nearby. So, will someone please pick me up and just heave me?
Cripes! Please put me out of my misery.
I don't want to end up rotting on this kid's doorstep.
It would be the epitome of embarrassment!"


  1. But why do we cut up pumpkins like this anyway?

  2. Alas, poor pumpkin, I knew him, Horatio . . .

  3. Your family, dear pumpkin, certainly falls into the category of "fair weather friends."

  4. Really....this makes me feel bad for pumpkins everywhere.

  5. Feelin' bad...next it will be that little fir tree & I'll have to cry again...

  6. Don't you know of any compost piles around your neighborhood -- give the old guy a little rest and his seeds will produce new plants next year -- maybe. -- barbara

  7. LOL You are so creative!Poor pumpkin!