Thursday, November 7, 2013


I took a side trip through a backyard the other day and came upon this fall scene. This two family looks like it's going to spend another winter alone. There were not too many abandon houses in our neighborhood. Pretty much, the big brick multi-family, one house up from us, was about it. When football games, apple fights and building forts had run their course, it was time to make our way into this big ol' brick wonder. Yes, the back, side door was locked. No, we did not have access to a key. Do I really have to go into this further? Suffice to say, we made it in. The building was a mess. It was completely gutted and needed work in every room, every floor. It was pretty much an unexciting visit. Well, I did catch Linda and Billy kissing in the back stairwell. I wasn't a participant, so it wasn't all that exciting.
A short five years later, they were married at the Eagles Club in Westbrook.
The first member of the gang to 'fall'. 
Leo followed, a year or so later.
The last time I saw them was on their wedding days.
And to think it all started, kissing in an abandon building.


  1. You are just lucky no one called the cops. Wouldn't want a record of childhood B&E. That could lead one down a different life path which doesn't include dating and marriage. Seems you lucked out.

  2. Another trip down the ever-intriguing byways of your mind . . .

  3. Lots of melancholy and romance in that photo. In the telling, too, for that matter.

  4. See what kissing causes-----but ain't it fun. MB

  5. Nice story of youthful fun -- Maybe Linda and Billy will run across your blog someday and get a chuckle out of this story. -- barbara

  6. Today's place doesn't look like much of a love nest. I hope the abandoned home of your youth was more inspirational.