Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dirty Window

Here's a quick look out a second floor dirty window at work. Dirty windows really don't bother me, especially when they don't belong to me. I'm kinda of a neat freak. Now, I know Elenka is chuckling as she reads this, but I am. The area of disagreement centers around what I'm neat about over the long run. Now, if you are looking for a gent with good personal hygiene and a wearer of neat well ironed and pressed clothes, well I'm your man.  On a quest for someone whose life and desk are perfectly organized, with every paper in place? You might want to start your search elsewhere. The jury's still out on this one. Do I get points for trying? Didn't think so.

Today should be a guilt free day.
Hide the honey-do list!
Take some images of the 8-14 inches of new snow.
Load the wood stove.
Do a little blogging.
Watch the Patriots. With all the injuries, Jack, I fear the Fish today.
Load the wood stove.
Take in a bit of vacuuming, and help pick up the house (my sister and husband are coming for the holidays).
Listen to some Christmas music.
Throw some snow around the yard with my snowblower.
Load the wood stove.
Eat turkey.
I hope this is the better part of my day.
News and photos at 11.


  1. Enjoy your Sunday. I love the snowy shot!

  2. A gent who knows how to enjoy a snowy Sunday! I'm loving this storm, unlike the cardinals & chicadees & snow plowers (that's not a bird), I've got the window view...with slippers...

  3. We got a good load of snow too! Nice pic, Birdman.

  4. This year I enjoy watching the Patriots more than my beloved but whining Cowboys.

  5. You are a real funny guy...most of the bloggers comments are soooooooo boring....thanks to you !

  6. Loading the wood stove is a regular part of our day as well!

  7. Been away -- western Ohio -- followed the snow back here to Maine. Sure is purty with that full moon beaming down . . .

  8. The window looks better than my car.

    I used to be pretty neat when I was young and poor and didn't own a lot of stuff. Years later, with a work environment that feels like infield practice with three coaches hitting shots at me, chaos reigns.

  9. I like that you can be both neat and indifferent. I live with a husband and three sons who share those traits.