Saturday, December 14, 2013

Red Berries

This next week or so, I plan to share how a simple man attempts to enjoy the season.

I'm up early this morning. I've got some things to do. I light the tree and go around and put the window lights on for Elenka. She likes that. Next, I'm outside to fill our birdfeeders, a storm report of perhaps 8-14 inches of snow headed our way can do this to a Mainer. I like doing this. The chickadees thank me. Back in the house, Elenka is up and we both settle, she with a cup of tea and some yogurty, concoction that she claims is 'breakfast'. I'm going with a cup of coffee with some eggnog added. While watching some eNews about Chloe Kardashian( why, why, why have we made this stupid family relevant)  filing for divorce, I hear Elenka utter these holiday wishes my way. 
"Twitter should be shot!"
Ah, now there are some seasonal words of love! 
No, I don't send tweets. (Hey, there's even a Twitter Help Center.)
No, I don't Facebook. People of the World should be so happy with this. At this point, you'll find little sympathy here for that 'mutual admiration society'. 
No, I don't instagram.
No, I don't do any sexting. Sheesh!
No, I don't Snapchat, Skype or iChat.
No, I don't do FaceTime either... bags are not allowed, I hear.
Is my life complete?
I don't even know what that is suppose to mean.
But I am happy.
I'll be enjoying this bitterly cold and snowy weekend with some pre-holiday spirit. 
Mazel tov!

ps No, I don't Pinterest or Manterest either. I knew you were thinking that.


  1. 'simple man'? …..I'll have to think about that one.

    He does keep me amused, though. <3

  2. at least you do blogging - I do tweet but not irrelevant gossip and find FB useful but I don't do texting (and certainly not sexting) nor instantagram nor pinterest - keep feeding the birds

  3. Well, heck, you do put lovely images on your blog. ;)

  4. i don't face, tweet or pin. don't flick or insta either. just blog and that's plenty. :)

  5. Had to Google Ms. Kardashian's name. I had ever heard of her. :-)

  6. It sounds like you already bit the bullet and have divorced from the social media. I have thought about it for some time but have yet to follow through. Social Media is just another way to hook people to spend more time and the accumulated numbers of people enable the owners to get more money from ads companies place on their place. I have a flock of blogs but enjoy writing and enjoy a sometimes visitor and I can get acquainted.

  7. All I do is blog. I don't even know how to text on my simple cell phone.
    We are to get 4 to 6 inches of snow here today too.

  8. "Simple man . . ." Don't tempt me.

    No Twitter for me, but I do use Facebook to keep up with friends (usually just as a reader, less often to post stuff) and Skype is essential for me, with a daughter on a different continent.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. I don't tweet either, but we both blog from time to time, and you certainly know your way around digital photography. So, I don't think you qualify as a luddite.

  10. Loool, I believe you are happy. Probably more than most people who tweet and facebook and yadda yadda... Lovely shot btw.

  11. Ah,, there are real benefits to a "simple life!"

  12. I am sure you rest easy by not being part of those "list" items. When would you have time to send out your post for the day -- we would miss that. -- barbara

  13. Nice shot. The simple life sounds nice.

  14. Unlike me, at least you know what those things are!!

  15. I echo your sentiments about all the social media hype! Love that photograph.