Monday, December 9, 2013


So, I'm parked on Valley Street, looking up. Any idea why they call it Valley? Pretty easy, huh. Basically it's the street between the Western Prom (look up) and water of the Fore River behind. As you might imagine, this time of year is the only time you can see all the way to the top from this point. Leaf cover, you know. I like the view up all along this thoroughfare, and the roadway is well named. Long ago, the city fathers made a smart choice when they pushed this road through. Valley, it certainly is. Creative too. A+ for effort! Don't get too excited about those 'great minds' quite yet though. Now, when naming the four streets going from Valley to St. John Street, they must have been caught in some alphabetical time warp, because they named them, are you ready for this: A Street, B Street C Street and D Street!
This is not a joke.
I think it's mind-boggling.
Years and years and now years later, they are still A, B, C, D.
No change.
I say, give these neighborhoods some class.
Give 'em real monikers.
Names they can be proud of.
This continues to be a real head-shaker for me.
Can ya tell?


  1. Not sure I share your puzzlement using letters to name streets. There is a logic since the alphabet is progressive, but also limited. Lincoln, NE is laid out with numbered streets running north-south, and lettered streets running east-west. Makes it easy to find an address. No logic in naming streets after saints, trees, fruit, or anything else.

  2. rather non-imaginitive. :) not sure if that's a word, either.

  3. I think I have to agree with you here. Those are very unimaginative names.

  4. I agree too! Give them real names.

  5. If this is a big worry for you, then you are in good shape, Birdman! But seriously, I never even knew of this Valley Street, all my years in Portland...

  6. That would make me wonder too.

  7. Hey, you've been to Washington. Same deal. The richest, most powerful lobbyists are lined up and down K Street.