Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Early Snow1

This past Sunday---
Got some ice. Got some rain. Got some serious snow flurries. I had a little trimming, near the kitchen window, to get done, and I got that completed on Saturday. As you can see by this shot, I guess I forgot to get my equipment back into a snug place for the winter. Over the next few days I'll post some photos of what things looked like around here after the early flurries.
For anyone not familiar with me and my relationship with snow, here's a primer.
Yes, it's pretty.
Yes, snow days as a child were very fun.
These days?
Snow falling on December 24th. Yes!
Snow cover on the 25th. Yes!
That's it.
Game over.
Not that long ago, we got 36 inches in one blizzard.
Not fun.


  1. Dream on, Birdman, dream on! Mother Nature does not care how you feel!

  2. i can't even imagine what 36 inches of snow would be like!

  3. If only we could order the weather we want all the time. We'd all be living in paradise.

  4. Surely not fun for you, but so beautiful to see from the far-away-snowless-french Riviera!

  5. Hi Birdman, I understand that sometimes the snow is not fun for you... but I would love to see snow personally...
    Many thanks for your nice congratulations on my 8th blog anniversary! :)

  6. Nice shot for your post. Don't you wonder sometimes where that special tool disappeared to -- I know I do. -- barbara

  7. I remember we got very little snow all winter about 4 years ago. I didn't mind at all!