Saturday, June 14, 2014

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#15 Discover a Passion
Mine is writing, and I try to show the excitement of it to all I come across. As some of you know, I have a daily photo blog. I've posted one of my photographs and a bit of my writing each day since 2008. I write at 5AM. I haven't missed a day. I'm pretty proud of that fact. After Thursday, you can still track me down and follow my comings and goings @ portcitydailyphoto. Better still WRITE! 
Start a blog! 
But here's my dilemma. Writing keeps THEM on track with me, but what about all these friends I leave on the 19th?
Over the last few months, I've been attempting to deal with this.
Pretty much to no avail.
Friends at work, how to I keep track of you?
I'll miss seeing YOU at work.

ps. Happy Flag Day!


  1. Well I've had a bit to catch up on here Birdman! Retirement on the 19th and the question is, retirement from which occupation.. I'm going to put my two bobs worth in and go against the 'education' trend and say something to do with a newspaper.. a column? Are you a journalist? The editor? A way with words you do have.. looking forward to discovering the answer :)

  2. i've lost track of almost everyone since leaving the corporate world 4 years ago. and even a few i've tried to see now and then are getting harder and harder to connect with. good luck...

  3. Good luck! Good friends will always be around. But it will be different. You can't go back. Just keep writing and let the chips, so to speak, fall where they may.

  4. Good Morning Birdman! Are you on your way to Rochester? It was in the 50s this morning with sun off and rain yet. I agree with PerthDailyPhoto and think you worked at a newspaper. Happy retirement. I retired in 1999 and have loved every minute of will too. You will always stay in touch with your true friends...don't worry, and your blog is a great way for them to check in. Several of our friends winter away from Brockport and read my Journal to see what's happening at home. By the way, do you live anywhere near my friend Sharon C.? What a special and talented woman.

  5. I like more posting photos, where writing is almost an accessory, so I end up writing glorified captions. Yours are true stories and I enjoy them because so often are not much different from what I would like to write... Bravo!

  6. Facebook, I suppose...

    In regards to your comment at my blog, I don't think the theatre's haunted!

  7. I need to get a flow chart going of what could and could not be hints! Keep writing for us every day!!

  8. Here's where they find you. On this blog. An occasional reminder. That's it. I'm sure memories and photos will pop up on this blog from time to time about the "other life"... the 41.5 one. and you'll be this new life... Still grinin' after all these years!

    Lakeland Checks In!

  9. Yeah, journalism's possible, but it doesn't make sense if you have to encourage your coworkers to write. And then, what's anything got to do with bikes??

  10. I think you'll have to return to haunt your old colleagues from time to time . . .mm?

  11. I agree with Sharon. Face Book. It ain't blogging but lots of people post the kind of stuff that keeps you connected to their world. And the best part is you get to choose you "friends"!