Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wharf Street

Here we are on Wharf Street in the Old Port. Lots of events are celebrated on the streets of this area. This weekend it's the 41st Annual Old Port Festival. On other days and evenings during early summer, you'll find stretch limos maneuvering the narrow streets with prom revelers, bachelorette parties and an occasional wedding itself. The party my colleagues threw for me yesterday was held in North Sebago, many, many miles away from these streets. It started mid afternoon and wove itself into the dark night.  With around 120 of my closest friends, it was a party for the ages. Well, at least for my ages it was. The grills were fired up, the 'roast' given and the band played into the late evening. My speech was long, but it had to be. In 41 1/2 years in the same building, you cover a lot of ground. About a year ago when I 'hit' 40 years, a good friend asked me the simple question, "How did you do it?" I've been thinking about that question for the last couple of months. How did I do it? So, I offered up Birdman's Top 25 Words of Wisdom to the multitudes. 
Stay tuned. In the next week or so I'll pass a few on. There will also be a bit of a revelation. Questions many of my blog friends have inquired about over the years, But for now...
Thank you Ethel!
Thank you Kevin!
Thank you Donna!
I will NEVER forget last night!


  1. Congratulations on the party and staying in the same building for 41+ years.

    This month is my 40th year in energy industry. Started out as a summer roustabout in Permian Basin of west Texas for Mobil. Dug a lot of ditches, chopped a lot of weeds.

  2. sounds like a monumental send off.

  3. Today's photo is a winner, but today isn't about pix, is it? Glad your retirement party was good. I look forward to being enlightened, though most wisdom about working won't do me much good these days!

  4. A terrific send off for the next phase of your life. You will enjoy retirement!

  5. They must have .liked you to let you stay so long! ;-)) Congrats!!

    1. Marvelous to have so many friends -- enjoy your next phase -- barbara

  6. top 25 words of wisdom? i can hardly wait!

  7. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself thoroughly!

  8. How fine to be able to associate with such a great group of friends. That's a gift, congratulations.

  9. You finally retired? Now I truly have a goal. I've already told my staff, though: no retirement party. I'm slipping out the back door with no fuss, heading for the next phase.

    You sent me down this street, or at least pointed me in that direction. I enjoyed it.

  10. Congrats to you on your retirement! I am looking forward to hearing some words of wisdom.