Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pine Cone

...of Birdman's Top 25-

#22 Wear Ties!
Be fashion forward!
Bow Ties are trendy! 
Lovya PV where ever you are.
When he became my boss, I will always remember his quote, "Gentleman Look Good in Ties." I've lived by that mantra ever since I heard him utter those words.
We also spent 3 days together at a conference, a way from it all, at his Sugarloaf chalet. On a Friday afternoon on our return, I was headed back to my desk. He asked me, "Where are you going?" "Back to my desk and see how the week went, I replied." "No you are not. The desk will be there Monday morning. Go home enjoy a great weekend with Elenka." ... and I did.
Today, I'm wearing a dark blue shirt with a Salvador Dali tie.
... and I do believe, I look good!
Again, it is all about me, remember.


  1. a"Salvador Dali tie" .. THAT makes me dream !

  2. Does that tie have a few drooping clocks on it?

  3. I'm still looking for hints everywhere in this post! ;-)

  4. I agree w/PV about ties . . . but not the biggest fan of bow ties. . . prefer the 'regular' shape . . . and a Dali design sounds fine-o . . .

  5. Today's guess is my other thought: education. Pine cone: seeds. Educators plant seeds.

  6. Yeah, I must say the bro is definitely a bit fashion forward .. He always wears the most spectacular ties for any formal event. The problem becomes, what tie to wear. Right, Jo Jo??? LOL Sorry, It's an inside joke.

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