Sunday, August 8, 2010

Willie in Park

Last evening we packed dinner, grabbed our folding chairs and headed in to Deering Oaks to take in some Shakespeare in the park. The Fenix Theatre Company presented the comedy 12th Night at the wading pool, and it was a hilarious hour and a half of madcap zaniness. It was a wonderful evening of the troupe weaving the bard's tale. I don't know who enjoyed it more the audience or the actors. Bravo!

ps. I'm away from my computer this week, but stop by anyway. I'm posting some neat shots. By the way, my scarecrow is complete. Coming soon to a Blog near you!


  1. You captured the spirit very well!

  2. How lucky you are, what a special opportunity to see "art in a park", it's wonderful!

  3. Was it abridged, then? Shakespeare in a wading pool is an appealing idea.

  4. I was in Portland last weekend and visited Peaks Island and Old Orchard Beach. While I was in Peaks Island, I saw a poster on the street for Naked Shakespeare. :)