Sunday, January 17, 2010


selection from :
Look Through Any Window

The Hollies

Look through any window, yeah
What do you see
Smiling faces all around
Rushing through the busy town

Where do they go
Moving on their way
Walkin' down the highways and the byways
Where do they go
Moving on their way
People with their shy ways, and their sly ways

Oh, you can see the little children all around
Oh, you can see the little ladies in their gowns, when you
Look through any window, yeah
Any time of day.

asically, I've been looking out windows
this whole first week of recovery.

Everyone told me 'Birdman, it's going
to go a lot slower than you think',

and they were right on, for sure.
We've got a huge backyard with lots
going on at times,
and that can keep
you entertained for a while. I've found
that the 'mental recovery' might be as
hard as the 'physical recovery' ahead
for me, but I have a wonderful 'nurse',
fine friends, music and lots of windows.
This Hollies song came to mind, as I
walked throughout our home this past
week for exercise. By the way, congrats
to the Hollies, elected recently to
the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.
For me? Week one down...
forever ahead!


  1. You have a wonderful nurse? Who is that?

  2. Hi guys!!!
    And you have such lovely views from windows!! Good choice of music too!! I love the way this seat is shrouded in winter. Just think Birdman, you'll be able to actually see this white cloak disappear... as you mentally and physically regroup... Thank God for small miracles!!

    Florida Checks In

  3. At least the poor nurse, banished from her warm bed, has not been relegated to that bench for sleeping. ( :

  4. Nice bench in the snow, nice song too. The Hollies are one of the only two pop bands I ever got the autographs of - saw them when I was about 15 at my local dance hall. Must have a dig around and see if I still have the autograph book.

  5. You're right, your "nurse" is great - couldn't ask for a better one. Hey, I think that you're doing awesome!! I do agree that the mental recovery can be tough - just take one day at a time . . .

  6. The mental recovery is the more important, funnily enough. You need to accept that you are more fragile, but you also need to accept that the doctors knew what they were doing and that your chest is not going to heave apart, rend or any of those other "worries". Once you accept that you are whole and shall remain so, the physical recovery will carry on apace.