Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, here's my latest hangout. It's a look at the backside of Maine Medical Center. In the Fifties, the hospital was called Maine General Hospital, and I remember visiting it on at least three occasions. Once I fell out of a tree and dislocated my shoulder, another time I broke a knuckle swinging(I'm sorry to say) in anger. Getting my tonsils was my big adventure; they both were removed in morning and I spent the rest of the day on our Washington Avenue couch sucking on popsicles. Remember, until this past January 4, I had never spent an overnight in a hospital. During those last two sleepless nights, I took a few eerie photographs of these gothic towers. I have often found the dynamic and spooky at the same time. Against the early morning murky sky, looking from the inside of the complex, they pulled your eye towards them. All of the rooms had but night lighting in them and projected forth a somewhat Stephen King-ish feel to them. The morning of the 11th, I shot this image driving away. I don't think I'll miss it!


  1. It does look Gothic and foreboding. I don't have that reaction to hospitals, but I have spent a few nights in them.

    i am so glad you are on the up and up, even though with only enough energy to make it to the Wal-Mart parking lot.

    Take care ...

  2. A parting shot. How appropriate.
    I always loved the sight of the hospital as we returned to town along Congress Street. When I saw the hospital come into view I knew we were almost home.

  3. man this brings me back to my early days a nurse's aide, training to be a nurse, old gothic hospital . . winding hallways, like a maze . . . big imposing architecture...glad you are on the mend ;)

  4. Seeing the hospital in the rear view mirror is always best.
    I was not aware of your ordeal until I read your prior posting.
    Take care and I wish you well.
    Sunny :)

  5. Once a photographer, always a photographer. Crawl into the car from a wheelchair, gingerly drive away....."Wait, wait....pull over here! I want to take a picture!"
    I pull over.
    "ummm, you got my camera??"
    "yes, yes I do."
    (I'm not stupid.)

  6. A shot with a vengeance of an austere building, beautiful from the outside but probably not so much... from the inside. Take care!

  7. didn't anyone ever tell you...don't look back!

  8. It's all about the story . . Glad you were able to put this behind you.

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