Monday, May 31, 2010


Happy Memorial Day 2010!
I never served, but by name I am very much connected. My uncle, 2nd Lieutenant 390 AAF Bomb GP, Leonard Albert Gallant, was lost over Germany April 12, 1944 in the Good War. I never met him, but I carry on his memory with my middle name. And as I've written before, my first name is derived from a general my Dad served under near Anzio. The poem is, of course, the quite famous "In Flanders Fields" by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918) Canadian Army.
In Flanders Field - Copy of Signed Original


  1. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family! Thanks for sharing your uncle's story and photo!

  2. I still have the letters he wrote home to his parents from overseas during the war. He was such a loving son. Gone too soon.

    Happy Memorial Day, Uncle Buster!

  3. I know I have seen this poem before but seeing it written out in the authors hand makes it even more poignant. I just read it aloud to my wife and she reminded me that it is from this poem that we get the tradition of the poppies for veterans.