Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rocks in Wicker

for awhile now
we've been searching for stolen rocks
along fortune rocks
a bottle of merlot touching our lips
we sing
and then fall back in the sand
watching kites
attack an evening sky
my hair encased in wet sand
struggles to free itself
yours is shrouded with a hood
there was some regret
long gone with that white-edged tide though
nearby my suede bag is weighted down
with our dreams
for an instant
my head seems frozen to the side
teeth caught in some animated display
eyes sparkling
'snap the picture, snap the picture'
we've been searching for stolen rocks
for awhile now.


  1. I have a collection of small rocks that I bring home from our annual summer vacation spot on Washington Island, Wi...a wonderful place to visit.

  2. This feels a little sad to me. I guess because the words "regret" and "weighted" seem to resonate so much.