Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tulip Garden

The tulip gardens, at Bedford Park next to the campus of the University of Southern Maine, are in full bloom this week. The tulip has to be one of my favorite flowers; it is so resilient- poking its head up, like a periscope, after tough Maine winters.

"We are told that in Persia the tulip, whose blossom in its native country
is scarlet, while the centre of its glowing cup is black, is used to express
warm affection; and, when sent by a lover, will convey to the object
of his attachment the idea that like this flower, his face is warm
and his heart is consumed as a coal."
~ Anne Pratt, The Field, the Garden and the Woodland, 1838


  1. So beautiful in a bouquet. But so fleeting a presence.

  2. Wonderful tulips...great photo!
    I envy you for the sunshine...
    Since friday we have rain! :-(

  3. A riot of glorious spring color, Birdman. How beautiful.

  4. Very few flowers have the power of tulips to evoke spring! I'd love to go to some of the tulip festivals here and abroad. Perhaps in the future.

  5. I never realized how much I missed them till I moved where we don't have them.

  6. An ocean of spring...lovely.
    Sunny :)

  7. Great minds do think alike. Have a great Sunday, at least it is finally warming up.

  8. Gorgeous composition! I'm not sure what I most like, the tulips or the red tree.

  9. This is beautiful. What amazing color.