Saturday, May 8, 2010


As the our TV screens and newspaper headlines spew forth the daily blabber, oh but for just a wee bit more integrity in our daily lives. We should all ask and pray for this. Just down from Eastern Prom, these stone posts mark the perimeter of Loring Park, looking off to Back Cove. This is kind of ironic. This afternoon I caught one of my favorite movies on TCM. The Fountainhead with Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal and Raymond Massey. It has that classic line. "Aren't there any men out there with integrity anymore?" As a matter of fact, on about 3-4 occasion's you hear this word integrity echoed in dialogue. Classic movie... great word!


  1. And a spot that is rarely visited.
    Is it true there was a fire at the old meat packing plant?

  2. Oh yes. I am for more integrity everywhere.

  3. 'Integrity' is such a hard word to live up to. I don't expect it of others really because I know how hard it is for me. Actually, I do EXPECT it of others - just rarely find it. Everywhere in our daily lives, we compromise. To stealing copies of films, to not doing what we said we would.

    Such a hard word to live up to.

  4. Nice post. "Daily blabber" - love that phrase. So true.