Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Along with lots of white hair, there were classic t-shirts in evidence at last night's Moody Blues concert. If you are a Moodies fan, it was a 2 1/2 hour stretch where it was hard to stay seated. Here's the Setlist:
Set 1
The Voice
The Day We Meet Again
Stepping in a Slide Zone
Tuesday Afternoon
Lean on Me
Peak Hour
I know You're Out There Somewhere
The Story in Your Eyes
Set 2
Your Wildest Dreams
Isn't Life Strange
The Other Side of Life
Higher and Higher
Are You Sitting Comfortably
I'm Just a Singer(in a Rock & Roll Band)
Late Lament
Nights in White Satin
Ride My See-Saw


  1. Would love to have heard that encore song :D

  2. I was exhausted after that concert! Hard to sit still.....great, great fun.

  3. Je ne connais pas, mais l'affiche fait tres années hippies 1960/70

  4. I'm grinning, just thinking about all that great music, live, out of the mouths and fingers of the Moody Blues. You are one lucky Birdman!

  5. We would love to attend this concert! Wonderful moment!

  6. i've never been a fan of them but sounds like you had fun!

  7. When I left Arizona for Texas with two suitcases I obviously no longer owned any music of my own. I think it's time to tune in to for some Moody Blues!

  8. I saw them one time, early 1970s, in Kansas City. I could only afford a ticket near the top of the room, and I swear that music took me all over the place, floating on air. No mind-altering drugs, either. Just that wonderful sound.

  9. You are the envy of all your visitors today! Must have been a great evening. the "white hairs" have great taste.

  10. Nights in White Satin..classic and my favorite! Glad Elenka and yourself enjoyed and 'grooved' to the music Birdman!

  11. I remember when I went about two or maybe three years ago. I went with friends who were around my age. I remember looking around the arena and thinking "wow, there are a lot of white heads here". And, you are so right, it was nearly impossible to stay in your seat. I agree with Kate, "white hairs" have great taste in music.

  12. Nights in White Satin by itself pays for the tickets. You must have a lot of boomers reading your blog, buddy.

  13. What a great show! We love the Moody Blues - way back then and still. Thank God for Pandora because "our vinyl" is long ago worn out.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  14. Waaah! I didn't know they were still playing! I was introduced to Moody Blues in '72, just before leaving for a road trip from Toronto to Panama. Right before crossing the border into Mexico, my mother allowed me to pick two tapes. One I picked was their On the Threshold of a Dream tape (the other was Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack). If you remember the first cut of the album, In the Beginning, you'll understand the stunned glares I got from both parents and four siblings when we played it the first time. Luckily for me, it became a favorite album for all of us (as did JCSS).