Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Left Behind

I found this old house the other day, that has been left behind so to speak. As you can see, vines are beginning to creep into the scene. I looked at it for quite awhile and really couldn't get a handle on its design. If it was in a rural location, I'd give the nod to the 'classic New England farmhouse', but it's on a city street, right in the middle of everything. I'm still wondering about it. It's been empty for quite sometime too. Maybe a few spirits will be peeking out through dirty windows tomorrow night, amid the raindrops.
Are you a believer in ghosts and spirits?
Living in a 200 year old farmhouse like we do, and you're always open to possibilities.
Been sleeping here since 1977 and have heard nada, nothing.
Maybe tonight.


  1. Yeah, and it'll be YOU screaming......
    One type of scream if the Red Sox win....
    another type if they lose.....
    Go Sox!

  2. Nope not a believer except for the ghosts that run around in my head.

  3. Old houses are fascinating thinking about their history and the social lives contained within them. I wouldn't wait up for spirits or ghosts to show up unless your imagination boils over.

  4. I love this photo. Very mysterious.

  5. pretty shot!

    yes, i believe in ghosts and spirits. if we believe in souls, why not ones that are still around?

  6. or should i have said 'left behind'? :)

  7. Nice photo -- Ghosts -- haven't believed in them since I was a child. But who is to say that there might be a few around? -- barbara

  8. this left behind house sounds like the beginning of a very compelling story.

  9. Bottom of 6th...Red Sox winning....6-0.
    So far so good!

  10. If you believe, if you really want it to happen, it will come true.

    1. You're right, Bob! (If you're talking about the Red Sox anyway.....) :-)

  11. Those vines remind me of the cottage we lived in for many years in England. Vines grew in around the window frames and up through the cracks in the wooden floors . . .

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