Saturday, October 26, 2013

USM Parking

I was a late bloomer. I had no need for parking lots and parking garages till I was somewhere around 23. Ya, call me crazy. You'd have been in a long line of people to call me that. Today, I still wonder what possessed me to wait so long. It's really unexplainable, so don't even try. I thumbed. I mooched rides. I begged. I borrowed. I stole... ok, I never stole. I think,  once though, a tear rolled gently down my cheek. I do remember that it worked, and I got transported to Kennebunkport, Gorham or some place. It was not a pretty part of my history, but I'm a survivor.
These days, I hop in my SUV to travel 100 yards or so. I love to drive. I tell Elenka, I'll pretty much drive her to New Jersey any weekend. I do some of my best thinking, alone in my truck with some music.
I think back now. 
From 16-23, how did I survive?
I wonder sometimes.
I like to think, I did it my way.
For good or bad, I guess. 


  1. It took me years before I got my license. Never missed driving and a car because of wonderful public transportation. Where has THAT gone?

  2. I worked with a young man who had no car. He took the bus to work and everywhere else. May not sound that unusual but, believe me, for Phoenix it was down right strange.

  3. Got my license at sixteen, but it wasn't for another five years before I got my first car. Worked a whole summer to earn enough money for it, and my Dad still threw in enough to pay for the rest. It was a dandy little Ford Falcon, and I still remember it fondly as a completely reliable car, but not a stylish ride. It didn't even have a radio.

  4. I dunno. You had a stunted youth. Which explains a lot, methinks. Right, Elenka?

    My first vehicle was a motor scooter at 14. At 15, I bought a 1937 Chevy with my own money. Drove it to work in the am, to school, then back to work. Traded that for a 1950 Plymouth coupe. What a beauty.

    1. My first car was a '75 yellow and black Camaro. I needed to make up for lost time, I guess.

  5. Doesn't explain it all......;-)

  6. i bought my own first car at age 16. a banged-up orange pinto with a white top. 4 speed. loved her. :)

  7. I'll bet those were interesting meet people when you have to depend on rides...

  8. I do not own a car and I am lucky to walk to work...

  9. I don't drive and have never had a car (either in my childhood or now). I have always traveled by bus. Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes, I really appreciate it.

  10. I think I got my drivers license on the day I turned 16. Yes, I have always been impatient. My first car was when I was a junior in college and worked in Washington for the summer. It was cheaper to buy a $250 rusty Plymouth Valiant than to fly back and forth.

    Yes, I did have to behave at the concert. I scrub up pretty good. (Peavy is off tonight.)

  11. I bought my first car at 15 1/2. Nice shot.

  12. HI visiting here...simple things in life somehow turn for something great and significant to treasure...