Friday, September 26, 2014

Airport Peeve

My peeves are few. Here's one. I get a kick out of those folks who walk around in public places talking on their cells with an earpiece and a microphone for all to hear. I've been on the road recently. Yesterday, I settled into my chair with a good book at O'Hare awaiting my last leg home. No sooner had I got myself comfortable then a gal plopped herself in the seat across from me and took a call. Here's JUST part of a 30 minute conversation:
"You don't understand me, Sam.
I'm on the otherside of happy.
Put Mom on.
Landing 10:51 in Portland.
Don't care if she's cutting carrots.
Sam, I can't talk about that now.
You're an hour behind me. I'll wait.
Been waiting all my life.
Mom, Mom, Mom...
Please put Carl on.
Carl, she's crazy, you know.
Can't remember the last time I was happy.
Stop it!
You're lucky I'm coming.
We'll have a good time. I hope.
If not, welcome to my world.
Hey, they're asking for someone to give up their seat. Should I?
Taking the day off Monday.
Workshop, you know.
See you in 2 hours.
Ya, love you too."
That was my world.
How embarrassing for her.
I guess she thought I needed this.
What an idiot!


  1. It still takes me by surprise when I see someone walking towards me talking away seemingly to themselves.. That's never going to be me :)

  2. You should have told her, "No. Don't give up your plane seat but you should give up the seat you are sitting in right now!"

    There was a funny clip on TV where a guy was on his phone and he would sit or stand next to someone else talking on their phone. He would answer or comment to the things the person was saying in their personal conversation. It was funny. You should have done that! ie."No, don't give up your seat." "why am I lucky you are coming?"

  3. I'm with you on this one. Drives me crazy too and I have to face that tomorrow morning when I leave for Chicago.

  4. Well, you got some free entertainment for awhile yet I think you'd probably would have enjoyed the book more. Unlike many different people, I actually enjoy flying so I enjoyed your photo, too.

  5. You are right: they are everywhere with nothing else to do. These guys do not think, they live to communicate loudly useless info between them. I hope that we will soon have some 'no cellphone' spaces of sorts...

  6. OO I sooo agree with you ! Sometimes I wish I dared to take the phone and throw it away..

  7. Ha, you should only experience that here in the Middle East where the talkers are also gesticulating with both arms and are often speaking very loud and with anger.

  8. I love listening in to conversations. At least this one was somewhat interesting. Germans are very complainy.

  9. i'm with you on this one. irritating as hell.

    as for electric fences, i don't use hot wires, here. my neighbor does, however. she had her handyman string a low one across her back pasture to keep coyotes away from her barns. my dogs had to re-learn the rules the hard way.

  10. Those Bose noise-eliminating headphones look better all the time.

  11. aaarghhhhhhhhh I feel the pain . . . xx

  12. The other side of happy?

    Sometimes you can only react as follows:

    Sigh. Open palm. Apply to face. Shake head in dismay.

  13. I actually have (politely) said things to people, like, "Excuse me, but I can hear your whole conversation." Usually they respond well. One woman was mortified & I had to comfort her. Have you seen the film "Her"? I loved how it took the whole electronic communication concept a step further. The first interesting movie I've seen in awhile.

  14. Why would you have that kind of conversation near others.