Thursday, September 11, 2014

Book Art

I mentioned that I attended the Book Arts Exhibition at the Glickman Family Library on Monday. The afternoon started with a lecture by Maine artist, printmaker and illustrator, Holly Berry. Her presentation was titled "Building Images: Narrative and Decorative". The exhibition reception followed. The books were all in glass display cases, but you still could get views of all the creative efforts. My photograph shows Elenka's finished work. She designed it as an illustrative look at Joyce Kilmer's poem "Trees", with actual branches reaching from her pages. Collages, sculptures, photographs, dioramas and actual book pages folded in intricate patterns were all a part of the show and on parade around the room. It was a fantastic 'take' on books!
I've known about this book arts class for awhile.
I've even thought about taking the class.
Book building has always intrigued me.
I must admit. The finished projects, held within these glass cases, were a bit intimidating.
Even for me.
I might try it though.

*The postcard announcing this exhibit shows a pair of pink women's shoes constructed from the pages of  a discarded book. 
Pretty cool design.


  1. AND you can get a substantial senior citizens discount!!!

  2. Elenka is a very talented woman; you are a lucky man!

  3. Oh that is totally fab, excellent interpretation Elenka.

  4. That is simply beautiful. I love it.

  5. I have seen works of "book art" before and it's pretty neat. I think you should take the class!

  6. Love it & Elenka's book is elegant. I'm hoping the show will be there longer, I have to see it!!! I've wanted to take that weeklong class for awhile now, but I too have felt intimidated...Maybe next summer....

    1. OMG, you would NOT be all! I promise you that. I think the show is into October....

  7. Elenka's book is wonderful!! We learned that poem in grade school and I can still recite it now many years later.

  8. I have never seen book art before. How fascinating and I just love Elenka's work!

  9. That book is amazing! What a work of art. I love it!

  10. Do not know much about this, and I find it very interesting!