Wednesday, September 3, 2014

His Trees

His Dad, His Trees
The trees were free, a gift, you see. 
A humble birth put into earth.
His father’s gift, he gave these
so in our hands and on our knees, 
we dug the soil with tender care, 
while breathing in the springtime air. 
Two tiny trees, so young so lone, 
now stretch their roots in their new home. 
His dad, he checked on these young lives, 
sending prayers that they survive. 
Many years have come and gone, 
these babes have grown toward sky beyond. 
Majestic, tall and strong are they, 
dancing in this earth’s ballet. 
Life must  be just like these trees, 
swaying, bending in the breeze. 
His Dad has left us here alone,
his saplings stayed, with us homegrown
Thank you Don, these trees alive,
can give us strength to live and thrive.
Within our lives, so rooted here,
these trees, to you, our hearts endear.
By Elenka

* A couple of notes are needed here. Elenka wrote this poem to use for her BookArts project. The BOYS in the botton photo are saplings no more: Zack, Stephen, Adam and Justin. The tree in the picture was planted on an Easter Sunday around 1979. Dad got it as a gift at Maine Savings Bank. It now stretches 40+ feet tall.
*The poem speaks of the trees but the boys are there too, 'majestic, tall and strong'.
* Back photo: Moms and Dads still watching over their small 'trees'.


  1. There are actually TWO massive evergreens. Both started as tiny saplings given to us by Birdman's dad. They are big enough to be donated to some city square for their CHRISTMAS tree. Time sure flies....

    1. Your poem is beautiful, Elenka, so moving.

  2. i figured the poem was more about the boys than the actual trees. :)

  3. What a beautiful poem telling such a rich story. It makes me think of the house where I grew up. When mom and dad remodeled the house and added a whole new living room, they planted two small evergreen trees on either side of the huge picture window. Today when I visit Quincy, those trees nearly cover that window and stand well over the roof of the house.

  4. It's a wonderful poem - and it actually rhymes which is not the usual thing these days!

  5. What a nice poem and story -- this made me smile :^)

  6. A sweet reflection of "our boys" . Thank you, thank you, Elenka and Birdman. I've always loved both of those photos. Thank you for the history behind those trees too.

    Lakeland Checks In!

  7. Oh, no wonder these saplings grew. So much love.

  8. A poem for family history and the photos are part of the family lore. Important to keep memories alive.

  9. Thank you for the useful notes, I love this poem!