Friday, September 12, 2014


Do cats dream?
I wouldn't bet against it.
I've spent a good part of my life studying the life of cats. It all began for me with a kitty named Inky, a tiny black kitten with a few splotches of white. His life, as I recall, was not long but spending time with him began my lifelong interest in felines. When we moved to our homestead in '77, one of our first acts that first week was traveling to the Animal Refuge League and getting us a cat. Wiz served us well for well over twelve years. He was a special one. My study is leaning towards they have to dream. We've had two cats for a quite a few years now. Companionship is always a good thing. Heck, they sleep about 21 hours a day. The other 3 hours or so are filled with eating, hunting, playing, 'doing their busines' and providing comfort. Reading a good book or watching "Project Runway" or "Madmen" with a sleeping cat in your lap is just the best feeling.
Sleeping 21 hours a day.
You betcha they dream.

"Let's see... my to do list today will include: chasing moles, chipmunks, butterflies, birds, stretching, walking on the stonewall, eating whitefish, tuna pate, wrestling with my sister, and nuzzling Birdman. 
Now, that's a full day."
"So I'm driving into Westbrook in my blue pickup, heading to play some golf with my friend Puff. Got a call on my cell  from Pretty Girl..."


  1. A perfect photo for an obviously sweet feline! They make purr-fect companions. We concentrate on dogs for our household; cats don't work because our parrot is too tempting for them. Impossible to have any kind of bird with a cat in the house. We had one cat that we had to give away. She could launch a flying leap across the entire room to try to land on the birdcage (containing a much smaller bird at the time; the cat was a bit more respectful of the parrot's bill and claws). Dangerous! feline!

    1. My cousin thought the same thing until the day the dog bit off the birds wing while she was watching them. A mad rush, in tears, with a bird wrapped in a towel to the vets. Everyone's ok, just the bird is a little lopsided. Creepy stuff.

  2. That cat needs to relax a little :)

  3. I also posted a cat on my second blog today ! Oh, yeah, they DO dream, I'm sure ! I have 2 feline companions too, and I'm never tired to observe them .

  4. What a cutie! They all have such interesting personalities. I had a cat once that loved to watch a National Geographic video I had about Meerkats. That cat would sit in front of the TV every time I played that video.

  5. While I was at the beach last month, I many times observed the cat next door changing its sleeping position--about the only measurable activity I could detect. :-)

  6. I've always been a dog person until a brown tabby crying by the side of the road adopted us and stayed for 15 years. He liked dogs and took no sass from them so fit right in. He was a real hunter though and killed many pigeons which he brought home as trophies! I still miss him.

  7. Speaking of today's posts, your cat is so more lovely than mine...

  8. Great shot of Mollycakes. I have no doubt that dogs dream - ours barks, runs, twitches, and a couple of times has even howled. I can't imagine that cats aren't doing a kitty version of the same. Really. The brain has to do something during that 21 hours, don't you think?

  9. Ahhhhh choo! I love cats, but they make me sneeeeeze and wheeze.

  10. Pussy cats are very special, and I'm going for a yes on the dreaming thing!

  11. I really like how you composed and cropped this shot. So cute!