Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bridging the Eras

"Two roads diverged..." wait a minute, these are tracks and they head North not into a 'yellow wood'. With apologies to Frost, these double set of tracks cross above Park Avenue just down from the Expo and Hadlock Field. I do remember when we'd be stopped for a red light here and see trains leaving Union Station and rushing overhead. As a youngster this was always a treat! Now, you're lucky if you seen a work engine pushing a few cars along above on the rusted bridge and the concrete trestle further down. Times have certainly changed the sights and sounds of this section of Portland.For better or worse? It depends who's talkin'.


  1. This is a sad sight for me. This is the route we took when we left Portland. This view always makes me a bit melancholy.

  2. What once served proudly now stands as a rusty reminder of a bygone time, sadly Portland is not alone.
    P.S. By coincidence I also posted a railroad bridge today. Great minds do think alike...ha-ha!

  3. Oh, it's great. I love all the oldness (I don't know if that's a word!) and browns!