Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time and Temp

The Time and Temperature Building, as it is called around here, looms at the top of Preble Street in this early morning photograph. The building, built in 1924, is identified by the large screen at the top showing the time and temperature 24 hours a day. Something else unique about this structure-- it had the city's first 'indoor mall' shopping area. I recall visiting it while waiting for the bus home on winter nights after my 6th Grade basketball games. It was a warm respite away from the driving wind and snow whipping around Monument Square. It was quite different for its time. The hallway inside went downhill with maybe 8-10 little stores off to the left and right. It was a mall before its time.


  1. I would often cut through on the most bitter days when I was out prowling Portland town.

  2. I see it is still quite cold up there!