Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Wave

My new rock band is ready to hit the road, but we really need a new name. Lowell has even added a few of his catchy numbers to our set list.
Here are a few of our band names, but we have not settled on one. We need some more choices to add to these:
Kittens Amuck
Tiled Dreams
Steeples Cutting Sky
My Secret Shoes
Nightmares Moving
Blind Puppies
Driving Insight
Unleashed Babble
Sensitive Daughter
Overheated Rooms
Blue Fragments
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Please send yours along as soon as you can. No suggestion too lame. As you might gather from the above.
Rock on!


  1. I was going to recommend a name but your photo made me dizzy. How about the one suggested on my blog: Runaway Cows?

    BTW, I'm on my way to the golf course. What's your excuse for being up this early?

    1. It's 6:32, a balmy 14 degrees and Birdman just left for work. No golf today.

  2. My very first blog's name was " Blue Fragments " !!

    What about " Blue lemons" ? " Red moon "?

  3. ha ha.

    looking at your photo, i said 'plain socks'.

  4. Rock band names are harder and harder to find as so many are already registered. Must do a search before using any name so as to not violate their property rights. Good Luck Band.

  5. You can't use "Good Luck Band" as that name is already taken by a South African band.

  6. Well, I thought of - Not too Shabby and Bad Shot but it seems they're already taken.
    How about Lose Your Seat or Rolled too Tight?

  7. I somehow like My Secret Shoes. Or perhaps My Loud Socks.

  8. Sorry, Birdster, I don't have a winner.

  9. How about Mooning Ducks…No, that is sorry name for a rock band. I don't have anything to offer. A great name is going to surface soon.


  10. Band names don't have to mean anything anymore, they just have to suggest a feeling. From the ones on your list, I vote for Overheated Rooms. Very original and not dorky.

    When I was in high school some friends of mine had a pre-punk band. They called it Vito And The Indigo Del-tones. The lead singer was Bronx German, Pfister.