Friday, March 28, 2014

Train Time

"It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry" has got to be my favorite all time Dylan title. I bought Highway 61 and played it over and over. I'm so surprised the needle never made its way through the vinyl. Trains never kept me up at night, but I always heard their whistles sounding as they raced across the Morrill's Corner tracks. It was probably about that time winter nights, that I sadly realized  the hot-water bottle that had kept me comfortable and cozy earlier was now solid cold. But the bed was warm, and I just rolled over. Once, apparently, I did not secure the stopper at the top and the water leaked out. I woke with everything soaking wet, PJs, sheets, blankets-- everything. I think it was a night of tears. Of course, my first reaction was that I had had an 'accident'. I had heard about bed wetters and I was a scared. Then I remembered the 'bottle'. Mom came to the rescue that night.
Hey, I just read that hot-water bottles were called just 'hotties' by some.
Wait a minute!
I slept with a 'hottie' when I was an early teen?
If I only knew.


  1. Growing up in the sticks we always turned the heat off at night in the winter and it got pretty darned cold. So I can relate. I never had a hottie though.

  2. Somewhere along the line I think you left the track! :)

  3. Good ole' Dylan; he's one of "ouor boys" ya know!

  4. I think you may still be lucky to have a hottie by your side Birdman.. Elenka sounds pretty cool!

    1. Awww. thanks.
      While not exactly a hottie, I might be a bit 'warm'.....

  5. As I was looking at your photo, I heard the distant whistle of a train....really. I live about a mile and a half from a major sipping line and I hear the whistles quite often especially when it's a bit overcast like today.

  6. Funny, I took the train several times last week, which is unusual, and wanted to post about it..
    We also had those bottles with warm water in winter as I was a kid! You remind me old memories! ..

  7. I remember those bottles... these days I've got a kind of beanbag I can just toss into the microwave for a minute, heat up, and it stays warm if I need to apply some heat to a sore spot.

  8. Columbus is crisscrossed by long freight trains. My last year there, my apartment was one block from the train tracks. The first few days, the train whistles and crossing warnings in the middle of the night awakened me. After a couple of days, I didn't even notice them.

  9. Trains . . . water bottles . . . hotties . . . another zigzag thru the tracks of your interesting mind.

  10. Wow. I almost captioned my post today "It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry," but then I thought nah, there's hardly anybody on CDP as old as you and me who would get it.

    NYC's No. 7 Line el ran through my neighborhood in Queens. Our apartment was two block away but I had a friend whose bedroom directly faced it. They never noticed the noise. Just part of the background.