Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Strange Sighting

Holy Crap, Batman.
I saw something yesterday that shocked the daylights out of me. 
I'm still breathing heavy.
My hands are shaken'.
No, I didn't inherit 1 million dollars.
Nope, didn't see Bigfoot in the backyard.
Nada, a UFO didn't land on my roof.
A winning MegaBucks ticket didn't appear on my kitchen table.
No such luck... Heidi didn't show.
Elenka didn't let me have a doggie.
No sir, I didn't turn vegan overnight.
Uh Uh, this ex-Catholic didn't return to the flock.
The Loch Ness monster didn't show up in Sebago Lake.
The 'fountain of youth' still escapes me.
In all this snow, the Yeti didn't knock at my door.
I wasn't abducted by aliens at midnight.
Are you sitting down?
I saw...
Gawwwd, I don't know if I can get this out.
I'm so giddy!
I saw...
Are you ready for this?
If you are pregnant or have heart condition, please leave this blog at this time.
All set?
I SAW some melting snow on the pavement coming home yesterday.
Yes, wetness.
Spring lives!

*Happy Birthday to my brother Marchin today! Hopefully, my luck holds out, and we'll travel  to Ireland together someday. That would be very cool!


  1. Melting snow? Rumours! Lies! Conjecture! It'll never happen.

    That is quite a colourful window.

  2. Melting snow would be a sight to behold!

  3. If you reach such a state of mind only by seeing melting snow, I can't imagine how you'll dance at the first real sun ray ! :o)

  4. Lol!

    Why don't you send some over? I mean snow, not water. We've had enough water to last us two winters.

  5. Happy Birthday Marchin!!!!! Love ya!

  6. haha yay! i knew it was going to be some sort of spring sign!

  7. I would have guessed Palatino!

  8. you're a mess! but we love you...

  9. You must have been blinded by the snow!

  10. Melting Snow--OMG!!!!!

    Hoist another one for me. MB

  11. Breathtaking! Earth-shaking! Good for you!! We actually have crocuses blooming in these parts. Crocuses! (And I've got living proof on my blog Thursday.)
    I meant to get to Ireland with my brother, too. Got there with my mother, and my husband. Darned brother checked out too soon. Happy birthday to yours. Enjoy him. Brothers are treasures.

  12. Happy Birthday to my Irish Twin, Marchin!!!

    Hey Birdman! There's always April!

  13. . . . and mud season begins . . .?