Saturday, March 8, 2014

Place Setting

Went to GRACE last night...
"Bless me Father for I have sinned
She had big brown eyes and silky  skin
Bless me Father, I couldn't resist
Oh Father, you have no idea what you missed."
"Bless Me Father" by the Saw Doctors
We stopped by GRACE, the restaurant formally a grand church, last evening after taking in the ArtWalk. We didn't have dinner, just a glass of wine and a couple of teasers off their bar menu. This place setting nearby caught my eye. It's Restaurant Week around the city, and tonight we'll be meeting Paulie and Bon at the Top of the East, then on to David's for dinner and some catching up since Christmas.
We've never been David's but always hear great reviews.
Looking forward to great food and better friends!

Sending out Birthday wishes to my sis in Lakeland today. We share great memories. Locked away with her Nancy Drews is one I'll always keep close.
Happy Birthday, Connie!


  1. Pretend you're having a toast with me today, C.
    Have a great Birthday!

  2. All I know is that I've been set in my place a number of times. And I had no wine to cushion the fall.

  3. i've never been in a restaurant housed in an old church but i saw many like that in pittsburgh...i even saw a nightclub that had once been a church..i thought that was kind of odd, but whatever! have fun tonight and happy birthday to your sis!

  4. Looks like a classy joint.
    I have never heard The good old Catholic grace quite like that. I am still laughing. MB

  5. Brought to mind "Alice's Restaurant."

  6. Looks pretty cool and nicely attended!
    Those big houses in Yorkville are all single family homes now.

  7. I like the look of the interior of the restaurant. I suppose if you're going to repurpose a church, that's a good way for it.

    The Sisters Of Little Or No Mercy would not be amused!

    1. Know the Sisters of Mercy well. Did 7 years of 'hard labor' with them. AND my great aunt was a Sister of Mercy.
      ps 'mercy'... I saw little.

  8. I am sure you will be forgiven (smile). This looks like a great way to close ut the evening.


  9. Good looking restaurant. Many visitors recently (gee, northern friends want to be in Naples in February? shocked!) but this is the high season so no restaurant offers discounts. We have to wait until most go back home, maybe around April 1, for the twofers to come back.

  10. Just caught up. Love your recent shots. That is one great self portrait, and the sighting was similar to one experienced here.

  11. Seriously! You didn't eat at GRACE! From one Grace about another.. would have been good :)

  12. Hurray for another SawDoctor fan in Maine!!!

  13. Restaurant week is the best idea!! A great name for a restaurant that was formerly a church!