Sunday, March 23, 2014


Growing up, I waited every Sunday to get home from delivering papers to spread the colored funnies across the livingroom rug. I had them, and I was not to be disturbed. I laughed and rolled along the carpet. Where do I get chuckles these days. Try the cover of a recent Men's Health. J subscribes; I smile. Here are the headlines streaking across a recent cover--
Get BIG Fast!
The NEW 300 Workout: Build Muscle, Shed Pounds, Chisel Abs. 
SHE Wants You to Watch!
WIN Free Steak for a Year!
Strength Secrets!
Your #1 Health Threat... Beat it!
Inside: They polled their readers about humor.
Here are a few tidbits: 
39% of men think sarcasm is the funniest of all humor.
77% The number of men wish they could land just "one good joke".
56% of men would rather hear a woman say, "You're hilarious" than "You're hot".
58% of men think they are funnier after a few drinks (3).
1 in 3 have played an April Fools' prank at work.
Pretty interesting huh?
Then I dug deeper and came across a Rolling Stone cover with the Pope smiling.
An icon of rock 'n roll information featuring the Pope?
Be still my heart.
I'll tell you one thing. He ain't my kind of rockstar!


  1. Sure like those wooden Sticks . . .

  2. And, I thought some women's magazines were weird!!

  3. Are you a little drummer boy? I'm beginning to see why you need praying for, too! :)

    I think I'll stick with National Geographic.

  4. Those headlines can certainly be funny. Not usually true, just funny.

  5. I like reading the cover of the scandal papers when I'm at the check-out!

  6. I've seen quite a few guys after a few drinks thinking they're funny... when they're not.

    I've seen that Rolling Stone issue. Quite peculiar. I'm not Catholic, and I wouldn't want to be, but I do like the way he drives the Vatican bureaucracy nuts just being himself. They must all be wondering "what the hell were we thinking???"

  7. When I was a kid, I used to read those Sunday colored funnies under the covers after I went to bed with a flashlight. Not that there was anything to hide or sneak around about, it was just fun (to me anyway)!

  8. My husband used to subscribe.....interesting read for women! lol

  9. A lot of that sounds like the Charles Atlas ads in the comic books you and I read decades ago.

  10. I stopped drinking almost 30 years ago, and I can tell you for certain, I was MUCH funnier when I was a lush.