Thursday, April 9, 2015

April's Deck

What time is the bar-b-que?
Someone chuckled last week when I mentioned that in Maine April is a winter month. Well, all I can say is what do you call it when on April 9 you wake to 3 inches of wet, disgusting snow?
I say, "C'mon, Man!"
It's April!
Want to understand why they call it the cruelest month of the twelve? Take a long look at what I'm dealing with this morning. I know what did it. Yesterday, with plenty of brown grass peeking stems for me to see, I went out and foolishly bought two bags of fertilizer for the lawn.
There! I cursed myself. That'll teach me not to be too over-confident.
Maybe is was that 'snowy' owl's fault. Can I lay some blame there?
Light drizzle is falling now.
Today's 'deposit' won't last too long.
Off in the distance, I hear Elvis.
"Don't Be Cruel".
Just a couple of questions left then.
Do you want cheese on your burger?
How many hotdogs?


  1. Now you're actually beginning to make me feel sorry for you! But then you did find that snowy owl!

  2. Ah, come on. Count your blessings. I've never heard of Maine having tornados! And I've never seen an owl. And it's almost a hundred degrees in my old home town of Phoenix.

  3. Here people begin to go to the beach and swim..Sorry! :o)

  4. If it were December, that might be a very pretty sight. But on April 9th, not so much.

  5. BBQ is any time of year. I'll have cheese on my one burger, please. Hold the hot dogs. We desperately need moisture, and I would even take it in the form of snow. Weather prediction has been for rain the past five days, but so far have only gotten enough to make the streets damp, not really wet, and I think too little to measure.

  6. you need a flame-thrower to melt off the deck, first. :)

  7. Definitely not looking very spring-y. :(

  8. You've had an excruciatingly long winter!

  9. Could I have grilled fish please, just plain, no sauce? Tar.

    73.4° here today. Just saying.

  10. My dad always said and told people after we lived up in Caribou and Van Buren that there were only three seasons in Maine. Fall, Winter and Spring....if you blink you miss summer. I'd hate to think what he would say to global warming ideas. Of course this was nearly 60 years ago. He was stationed at Loring AFB (Limestone) for 4 years.

    1. Spent a snowy February weekend at Loring AFB in the 70's. Don't plan to return soon.

  11. I haven't put my boots away yet - don't want to tempt fate!

  12. Relish and cheese on my burger!

    Maybe you can have a July 4th barbecue before winter settles in around July 6th.

  13. I cannot match the depth of your snowfall, but it is snowing as I write: April 9, 7 pm CST. I know it will not last, but I have grim and nasty thoughts.

  14. You know, I've only been to Maine once and thought it was cool but snow in April is too much!! You guys are tough.

  15. I'd be making serious plans to flee for a while if I were you. Or I'd pull on layers and barbecue anyhow. Got any chicken?

  16. For me, March is crueler with it's mix of rain & snow & mud and: COLD!