Saturday, January 17, 2009


As a mail carrier in Portland, my Dad's route was the Western Prom area. Whenever I ran into him up there, it seemed to me that he knew every doctor and every old lady he'd pass on the street. Like clockwork, it was lunch each day at the MMC cafeteria, with Friday's fish chowder 'to die for'. These days, each time I venture up here, the maze-like system of side streets and brick houses seem even more beautiful, and I stumble upon buildings I've never seen before. Here's a rambling apartment building on Clifford Street with a most elaborate vine work covering it. Interesting!


  1. Hi Birdman, I'm glad I found your blog; welcome to the CDPB. Great pictures of a city I love and remember quite fondly. I used to live on West Street (in a building that was originally a casket factory) on the Western Prom in the early 80s. Your dad probably delivered my mail. My dad also worked for the PO (as he called it) in Boston.

  2. Hey Clueless-
    Til '97 he lived at 30 West... small world.I' enjoy your B-town pictures.

  3. Loved it! I so appreciate that mail route now. I'm sure Dad is giving you the thumbs up! Brr cold in Lakeland 62.