Saturday, January 31, 2009

Desolation Row

A short trip down to Sebago Lake village and out on the ice this morning was met with bleakness and gray skies. The ice shacks look pretty lonely, don't they. Desolation Row? Thought of this after viewing "Back Stage Pass: Rock & Roll Photography", the new show at the Portland Museum of Art last night, that chronicles the history of our rock culture. Elvis to Punk to Rap and beyond-- over 300 shots, of our rock icons caught off guard and off stage, grace the walls. My favorites were the candid moments of Dylan, Nico, Brian Ferry, Aretha and the Stones. What? No Kinks? These are wonderful pictures that I have never seen before. The evening was jam packed with fans and nostalgia. If you are a rock fan and near the city, this is a DON'T miss!


  1. You really capture the isolation and chill of that ice house perfectly. The show at the Portland Museum sounds great. We should make the trip over.

  2. This really is a great photo! I absolutely love it!!!

  3. I lived on this lake as a child and the almost Scandinavian quality of the ice and grey sky is here as I remember it.