Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Oaks

Well, the frigid temperatures of the last few days have moved away, but snow has moved in this morning. They're saying 8-12 inches; gonna snow all day. Deering Oaks is a 51 acre parcel of land that has a baseball diamond, tennis courts, a playground, and a pond that the city acquired from the Deering, Preble and Fessenden families after Portland's great fire of 1866. I have wonderful memories of skating on the pond during the winter months with many friends. Although ponds at Evergreen Cemetery and on Allen Avenue were favorites, it was always a treat to take the trip down Forest Avenue for a day of skating and hot chocolate at the Castle in the Oaks.


  1. There is something awesome about the texture of an old oak tree that is fascinating. Together they are simply classy.

  2. I like this in b+w. Welcome to CDPB. Clueless in Boston & I enjoyed living in the West Prom area for 3 years. Our first child was born at Maine Med. We'll be stopping by from time to time to visit.

  3. These photos are so fine, and I really enjoy the brief history lessons. Keep 'em coming!