Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snowy Bandstand

Well, it's snowing today throughout the city and surrounding areas. It's a typical snowy day, some schools are out, parking bans in effect and life in this city slows down a bit. The Eastern Prom is always a nice place to hang out any day, regardless of the weather though. Usually, there are picturesque views of Casco Bay and the surrounding islands from here, but not this morning. Built in 1861, the bandstand is the site of concerts on warm summer evenings. Chandlers' Band entertains at a special Fourth of July concert. For Mom and Dad, it was a cheap night out with the family, dinner at The Village, then a short trip up the Hill to the Prom--let the four kids run around for an hour or so. Sometimes we even got to check out the Maine State Pier for ships in port and take a spin by the Grand Trunk Railroad yard. All in a night's work! Stay warm!

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  1. I almost cried when I saw this. I was hoping you'd photograph around the eastern Prom, FT. Allen Park in particular. You know I grew up in a house beside the park..skied that hill when I was 5, sat on the old cannon and ONCE heard music played in this very bandstand! The melancholy of the grey day in your photo is beautiful.