Sunday, January 25, 2009

River View

Out early this Sunday morning looking for some sea smoke. Heard last night on the late weather that it would be around, because of frigid temperatures. Sure enough, well below zero. Here's a look down river at Saccarappa Falls. The Persumpscot River is 27-miles long and located in Cumberland County, Maine. It is the main outlet of Sebago Lake. It flows through the communities of Windham, Gorham, Westbrook, Portland, and Falmouth before emptying into Casco Bay at Falmouth.
I have fond memories of the river here in Westbrook. Summers, when staying overnight at my grandparents, we went to church at St. Marys and after Mass walked to an overlook along this river. I remember it being quite nasty with pollution from the mill then, but it has since been cleaned up, with a walkway, benches and fencing added. A 'riverwalk' with possibilities.


  1. Beautiful shot. You do winter well.

  2. I'd like your permission to re-post this photo on the Casco Bay Boaters Blog (

    I live near Westbrook and saw a couple of beautiful spots like this when I was out driving Sunday morning. Another great spot like this is the intersection of North Gorham Road and Middle Jam. there's a dam there at the end of the Sebago Basin, and the morning light is just amazing. Also, a set of falls on Mallison near the was so "smoky" you couldn't see at all.

    If it's cool with you, I'd like to occasionally re-post small (no wider than 575 px) versions of your pictures, always credited and linked back of course.

  3. Monkey Fist-
    That would be fine w/ proper credit. Please send a Blog page when posted. Thanks

  4. Thanks a bunch :)

    Let me know if you want anything altered.