Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gone South!

Since my dad showed me how to dig up potatoes at our house on Washington Avenue, I've always been intrigued by gardens and the growing cycle, even living in a state with such a short season. So when we moved into our house in '77, besides a woodstove, a garden plot was something that just had to be found. We have two areas set aside for vegetables and such, not huge, but as they say, good enough. Surrounding the gardens and throughout our backyard are numerous birdhouses of all shapes, sizes and designs. Along with birdfeeders for the winter months, I just can't help adding them to the grounds, even though, as you might imagine, there's not a lot of activity at the 'houses' on a frigid January morning.


  1. I just love how this one looks. It looks Old Fashioned! You do great work!!!

  2. (Saw this at City Daily Photo.)

    Very striking lines on the bird-house, against the snowfield. I had an e-mail from my correspondent in the Nutmeg State who spoke of "the third snowstorm that week". Puts even the Arctic gales we've been having in the Thurso and the hyperborean north into perspective, where I predict I'll start preparing the earth this month.