Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weathered Barn

Standing alone in a Maine blizzard, this Buxton barn will live to see another day. Whatever the season, I truly enjoy traveling the 'blue highways' and taking in proud New England barns. When we were looking for a home awhile ago, I had a dream of an old farmhouse with one of these majestic buildings. Well, I settled for one of two. Out back and up the hill a ways, all that remains of the other, is a very ample foundation that provides numerous stones each summer, as we expand our gardens and walkways. We do have an old black and white photograph hanging in the living room; however, that shows the once, working building built by a gentleman farmer, Jacob Hamblin.


  1. I like the weather wane with the horse.

  2. This is a gorgeous shot. I agree with Steffe about the weather vane which really stands tall. It is hard to tell if the snow is attached like lichen or just tumbling through the air. I love the small bunch (?) of snow trapped in the upper window.

    Such a glorious shot ...

  3. When I look at this picture, I feel two strong emotions, melancholy and peaceful. What a wonderful shot!