Monday, April 21, 2014

Beach Shadows

It's all downhill from here. Well, at least heading down to the beach on these wooden stairs. Shadows don't lie. I grew up with Mad Magazine. Eddie would buy them, and I'd get a look at them second-hand, with a few stains from the oil of his Italian sandwiches. I loved the movie parodies and a few of the reoccurring strips. Maybe my favorite was "Shadows Don't Lie". There were two pictures side-by-side. One showing the actual scene, and the next one relating how the person shown really felt. One was called 'Blind Date' with a guy opening the door and greeting a rather homely young lady, with complimentary words. The next picture, 'in the shadows', revealed how he truly felt. It showed him puking out fish bones, tin cans and other assorted hunks of food. 
This image still makes me chuckle.
I'll still take a look at the newsstand, if I spy the new monthly issue.
At Christmas, J- always gets the 'Year in Review' issue.
I strongly believe in the adage.
There is truth among the shadows.


  1. I remember when Mad first came out it was fairly radical for the times. And SNL, quite different in the early days.

  2. I didn't even know it was still around!

  3. I haven't seen that magazine for ages, but remember Alfred E. Neuman with great pleasure from back in the late 60s.

  4. As a kid I loved Mad Magazine, but haven't seen one in many decades. Loved Spy Vs. Spy that was a spoof on U.S.-Soviet relations. Still remember their parody of the movie, The Alamo.

  5. You remember a cartoon from decades ago? And you can move from aesthetically pleasing beach stair shadows to . . . puking fish bones, etc. . ? Hmm. The impressionable mind . . .

  6. That is a wonderful shot! Haven't thought about Mad Magazine in years.

  7. Nice shadow work here!

    The same company owns DC Comics, so Mad Magazine variant covers often show up on monthly titles.

  8. This sure doesn't look like Maine.

    Mad Magazine? Haven't thought about it since I was a teenager.