Thursday, April 17, 2014

Drainage Grate

It's a grate.
When it comes to drainage grates, everything heads to the sea around here. That said, we must be on alert, as to what flows through these openings. Why did I waste my time photographing this? I liked it. Simple as that. Liked the design. Liked the color. Liked the rust. There'll be no Pulitzer Prize for Featured Photography coming my way for this one. I just like it.
Remember: there is no explanation needed for taste.
And that's the name of that tune!
Ain't it grate!


  1. Speaking of 'taste,' I thought at first glance it was a waffle. :))

  2. I have this crazy fear of dropping my keys in one of these.

  3. It's an interesting shot. You could have used it for the theme day on the first of May, actually.

  4. Grates on my nerves this morning;I first need coffee to appreciate grate photos. Incidentally, nice photo of "squares," our May theme day!