Saturday, April 26, 2014

Travelog #1

Lost and Found.
We ventured to the beaches of Central Florida over the last week. One of our stops took us to Coca Beach. Nailed to this tree next to the rangers station was a pretty haphazard collection of junk. I don't know about you, but if I lose anything of worth and I know I've done it, I'm retracing my steps looking for it as soon as I can. At work there is a pile of stuff: nice winter jackets, a pair of wellies, jeans, sneakers among the recognizable. Why have they not been reunited to their owners? I can't figure this out for the life of me. For the most part, these items hanging from this tree will probably never find their way home. The owners are long gone, probably heading back North. Most of the articles brought a grin to me. The ranger even got a kick out of my photographic pursuit that afternoon.
Wait a minute.
This 'lost blonde' reminds me of someone.
Look, she's waving at me!


  1. Are you sure it's not a bit of 'outdoor art' Coco Beach Style Birdman :) I do see the resemblance to Heidi :)

  2. I love that kind of stuff. Great pic.

  3. Olympian Barbie appears to be doing some acrobatics on a few strands of beads. What talent.

  4. I would be careful picking up blonds on Florida beaches. Could be hazardous.

  5. I find myself breaking out laughing at Taken's remark!

  6. I tried backtracking a few days ago but my old sunglasses seems to be gone for good. This looks like a growing art tree of lost and found.