Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday morning, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Explorer of the Seas (3,114 passengers) dwarfed vessels around it, as it made its way up the harbor to the International Marine Terminal. We were up early and on the Eastern Prom by 7 AM(a Saturday? Don't ask!). It slowly crept in through the distant sea fog and docked at about 8:45. We left the truck at the Prom, walked down one of the Portland Trails walkways to the jogging and bike path below and made our way to the Terminal. It was a beautiful morning, and the ship looked majestic against the early, blue-slate sky. Why see this ship? Five summers ago, we sailed the Caribbean aboard the Explorer's sister ship the Voyager of the Seas. What a wonderful time we had. GREAT memories!


  1. Truly a floating city. You really capture that here. Did you sail on the Voyager out of Portland?

  2. Hi Bratcat, No we sailed from Bayonne, New Jersey, which was good because we could drive there....didn't have to fly anywhere. It was 9 days that were paradise.
    "Red, red wine".....playing on the steel drums while we were slowly drifting out of Jamaica, sipping wine and Red Stripe beer. Oh yes, heaven.