Thursday, September 24, 2009


Good Grief! Another late September beach day in Southern Maine? What gives? It just seems like we're getting payback for the miserable June and part of July. I thought I'd post this last summer-like shot of Willard Beach today and think a bit about strange coincidences of the human spirit. As you might remember from previous posts, while growing up, my Mom took us kids to Willard on countless occasions. I know it was one of her favorite locations near home and ocean-site of choice. When I finally met my sister D- on Monday evening, during dinner at the Saltwater Grill, she mentioned in passing that Willard was a beach that she and her family visited often too. It was a favorite of her mom and dad's also. This connection between our families was not lost on anyone at the table. Sometimes our lives work in small, mysterious, yet poignant ways.


  1. Not only is this a beautiful shot but it meshes so well with the story you share with us today. How often do we exist side by side with someone more intimately connected to us than we could ever dream. Did you read the article about the men in Maine who were working together when they discovered they were brothers. It is a small world and the mysteries are great and many.

  2. Yes, I did see that story on the local News.

  3. The last stripes of summer . . . and some special memories shared . . . excellent post.