Sunday, September 27, 2009


Road Trip- I first learned about Monhegan in a round about way. In Seventh Grade at Lincoln, I took art with GB, and one of our assignments involved Manana Island, just off of Monhegan and seen in the background here. He read us an article about Ray Eugene Phillips, the Hermit of Manana Island, and asked us to draw a picture of him. Later we hung all the pictures, including a portrait of the hermit. Born in 1892 and educated at the University of Maine, the man led quite an interesting life. Apparently, serving in WW1, and working in NYC for a time in the 20's just didn't inspire him. So he retreated to Manana, built a shack out of anything that washed up, tended a flock of sheep and traveled occasionally to the 'big island' for meager supplies and to see friends. Quite a life... if you can get it. I guess.
*footnote to history--- my art teacher GB, besides trying to teach this 12 year old the finer points drawing and painting... melted down our high school rings and made our gold wedding bands. Designed by E- they are unique, 'one of a kind' and still beautiful!


  1. Could we see a photo of your wedding rings?

  2. Sure... coming soon to a Blog near you!

  3. I did not know the story about the wedding bands - what a nice story! It actually made me misty!