Monday, September 7, 2009


An early fall morning finds the sun throwing shadows at the falls. Just before the Stroudwater River empties into the Fore River near the Tate House, this small, yet picturesque scene can be found. One 0f my first memories of this place was when Grampa took me fishing. We parked along the old airport road and fished off the bridge. It was a fun, sunny afternoon, I remember. I had always wanted to try fishing and time spent with this guy was special to me. He had better luck then I did, but I did hook an old black boot. Honest! He got a good laugh out of that. During the winter, our family, on one of our 'rides', often stopped at the frozen river and watched men cut ice here. There was even an old ice house off to the left in this photo. With four kids to entertain, car rides were always a part of our weekends!


  1. I love this spot. When we reached the Stroudwater it meant we were almost home. It's so nice to hear your story and know we share an affection for this particular place.

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