Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rocks in Stream

To say that yesterday was a 'life altering day' for me would not be close to an overstatement. Mom always told me that certain events in life are 'worth the wait', and I'd readily agree with that. It's not often that one gets to mid-life with a close, loving family and suddenly have it grow by one. Lucky us! Throughout the day, the most frequently asked question of me was "Are you nervous?" My reply was always "No, I'm excited." I really was and still am. I thought it was especially poignant, that after meeting at a local hotel, we proceeded to the Fort Allen Park for photos at the bandstand. My 'new' sister, D-, grew up in a home nearby, actually where the Portland House now stands on Eastern Promenade. A wonderful family of four is now five, with lots more nieces and nephews in the wings. How can you beat a last day of summer that brought such an marvelous occurrence.


  1. You've chosen a beautiful scene to accompany a momentous change in your life. I can't even imagine how you feel, but nervousness and excitement - and even great curiosity - must all be jumbled up. I love the image and wish your a memorable reunion.

  2. You know, it really was a great last day of summer! Thanks to all in this wonderful family.